Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This little piggie cried wee wee wee . . .

The pigs have arrived! Little by little my dream of creating a backyard farmyard is becoming a reality. It started with the chickens, then ducks, now PIGS! Thanks especially to our friends and neighbors who put in the fence and built a fabulous condo for the new residents. Couldn't have done it without all their help and advice. The plan is to raise the buggers using mostly scraps from The Family Foundation School kitchen, supplement with feed and ship them off the butcher in the fall. My long-range goal is to fence in the back meadow - creating four sections - and rotate the area with pigs, grass, and goats. I was absolutely amazed at how efficient the pigs are at turning the soil. I had read that pigs make great rotatillers, but until I saw them in action I had no idea how incredibly FAST they are at turning grubby grass into usable dirt.

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