Monday, April 4, 2011

Green Grows the Garden

Spring seems to be off to a slow start this year - the cold and snow just don't want to give up and go home. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic. I've started some seeds indoors - head lettuce (new to me this year), sweet bell peppers, bush beans and marigolds. The first tiny green sprouts are always such a delightful surprise to me.

This year I opted not to start tomato plants indoors. I really don't need that many and truth be told - I haven't had much luck with tomatoes. But I will keep trying!

Each year I add a little more to the garden. This year I added a pole bean tower which I hope will make harvesting the beans a little easier. I also am reusing an old trailer box as a raised bed. My intention is to plant potatoes in it. A friend gave me this advice - plant bush beans in with the potato plants and you'll get healthier potato plants. I'll give it a try.

I am using lots of shredded paper which I get in abundance from the office. I add it to my compost pile and use it as a mulch around the edges of the garden to keep the weeds out. I hope it will deter the wild mint that creeps under the fence and sprouts up everywhere.

I think what I like the most about this time of year is what I call the planning/dreaming/fantasizing phase of gardening. I walk around our property and although I see the brown tufts of grass, the furrows made throughout the winter by moles, windtossed branches and, of course, the mud - I am also seeing a verdant, green wonderland filled with wildflowers, apple blossoms, sunflowers and a vegetable garden overflowing with plenty.

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